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Restoring Resilient Agroecosystems Workshop

Grazing consultant coming to Central Hawke’s Bay

Grazing consultant coming to Central Hawke’s Bay

How can farmers remain profitable while restoring diversity and resilience to their agroecosystem? How can soil building help mitigate the severity of flooding events and make farms more resilient to drought? These are just some of the topics to be discussed at a free workshop in Waipukurau next week.

On Tuesday 15 August, Tukituki Land Care is hosting a workshop, facilitated by grazing consultant Siobhan Griffin. The workshop will take place between 12pm and 4pm at the Waipukurau Club with lunch provided.

The central theme will revolve around renewing farm ecosystems without compromising profitability. “There is nothing sustainable about a farm that goes out of business”, says Siobhan.

Attendees will explore innovative approaches to soil management, including the science behind rapidly growing green plants and how to grow pasture faster. “Farmers can build soil much faster than anyone ever thought”, says Siobhan. Whilst debunking the myths of regenerative farming, Siobhan will discuss how building topsoil can actually increase productivity per unit of input.

Of interest to many Hawke’s Bay farmers, the workshop will also delve into how soil building can help reduce the severity of flooding events and increase drought resilience. “I believe that farmers in New Zealand can lift their soil carbon and build a deeper carbon sponge that will help mitigate the severity of climatic events”, says Siobhan.

Tukituki Land Care recognizes the significance of striking a balance between profit and environmental protection, and this event will equip local farmers with knowledge and tools needed to help them achieve that.

Siobhan, a well-respected grazing consultant, has an extensive background in regenerative agriculture. With thirty five years of organic dairy farming experience, she also has fifteen years of regenerative farming outcomes to share, including the science behind how she lifted her soil carbon. Siobhan lives on a 400 hectare sheep farm in South Otago and has clients on dairy, sheep and beef farms throughout New Zealand.

The Restoring Resilient Agroecosystems workshop will be held on Tuesday, August 15 from 12pm to 4pm at the Waipukurau Club, 10 Russell Street. All are welcome and lunch will be provided. To RSVP and to find out more, please contact Tukituki Land Care via or on their website

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