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Newly Formed Tukituki Land Care Announces $10,000 Demonstration Grants Fund.

Tukituki Land Care (TLC), a recently established farmer-led catchment collective, has announced the opening of applications for its inaugural $10,000 Demonstration Grants. Each sub-catchment group of the Tukituki River is invited to apply for a grant for a project which has demonstration value, meaning that it provides an opportunity to gain knowledge which can be replicated in other sub-catchment areas.

“The TLC team is excited to launch this grant program, which will provide sub-catchment groups with an opportunity to try something new”, said Richard Hilson, Chair of Tukituki Land Care. “The grants are open to a wide range of initiatives and we hope it leads to some innovative solutions”.

As well as offering demonstration value, the successful projects will be cost effective and will be completed within seven months of receiving funding approval. Once completed, knowledge sharing with other catchments will be a priority and this may include open days for other landowners to view and learn from the projects.

“We emphasize the importance of transparency, ensuring that both successes and failures are openly reported, allowing for valuable insights to be gained and shared across the region”, says Hilson.

Tukituki Land Care was launched in May to work with sub-catchment groups of the Tukituki River, enabling funding and action to benefit the region. TLC will work with 17 sub-catchments in Central Hawke’s Bay, covering 216,000 ha of private land, made up of nearly 1000 farms surrounding Waipukurau, Waipawa, Takapau, Ongaonga, Tikokino, Otane, Elsthorpe, Omakere and Ashley Clinton.

Nine of the 17 sub-catchments of the Tukituki River have established catchment committees. To find out more about these committees or to discuss setting up your own committee please visit or email

Grant applications close on 14 August 2023 and outcomes will be advised by 28 August 2023

For more information, please contact or visit

or contact:

Pixie Seligman, Project Co-ordinator

Tukituki Land Care

Facebook: Tukituki Land Care

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