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Tukituki Dashboard results   MCI DRP

Who are we working with  HBRC

Committee Greg Hart, Hamish Frizzell, Bryn Henderson,

John & Sandy Foster, Brian Lorenz, Simon and Justine Foster

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Silt is a common issue on this side of the Tukituki catchment, having implications for stream health and macroinvertebrate habitat. Like others across the wider catchment, land managers in the Mangarara catchment are keen to do what they can to tackle erosion. They are looking to work with experts to plan the best approach to hill and stream-side management for their catchment. Problem willows in the stream are also a concern. Assessing maps of critical erosion zones will be the starting point.


Mangarara is just over the Patangata bridge (on the Elsthorpe side) and is the smallest sub-catchment in the Tukituki at just under 4,000ha. 



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